How to Properly Manage a Panic Attack

Having to deal with a panic attack can be terrifying if you don't have the right coping mechanisms. The tips in this article will help you prevent as well as handle panic attacks.

Search for something that you will fall in love with doing, then practice it every time you have a panic attack. Whatever you choose, try to make it something that involves some level of meditation, like some mild yoga, or dome knitting. Something you can get lost in and forget what your body is doing. Be certain to always be able to do it when you feel an attack.

During a panic attack, try to stay positive, think happy thoughts. Think of your favorite season, or your favorite food, the people you love, places you love or would love to visit. Relive your best memories. When you do this you will not realize when the attack will pass.

It is not uncommon for several anxious questions to flood your mind while you pass through a panic attack. In your mind change the "what if" questions to "so what". For example, "what if I fail my finals?" to "so what I fail my finals?" It's not the end of the world and life goes on.

If you know that you struggle with panic attacks it is a good idea to avoid taking a lot of alcohol and caffeine. These have been proven to cause increases in the chances of panic attacks occurring. reducing alcohol and caffeine intake can help a great deal in your defeat of panic attacks.

If you feel a panic attack coming on, attempt an activity that a panicky person would not do. Compliment yourself. Tell yourself how amazing you are and how great it is that you have done all the things you have done.

Talk to someone. When you are experiencing a panic attack seek out a friend to talk. Discuss everything. From what is bothering you to amazing things in your life. This will calm you down.

During a panic attack try to breath into a paper bag, or put your arms around your mouth while you breathe. Take deep, increasingly slow breaths. Too much oxygen from breathing too quickly can cause your panic attack to get worse.

Try to avoid isolation and loneliness. This will cause you to feel more stressed and anxious. Having people around can really help you to feel better, as there is nothing like having support.

Panic attacks can be linked to some mental health issues like depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolar disorder, bipolar depression and more. In fact it is very similar to an anxiety attack, enough to be confused for the other. It is a good idea to check yourself for other depression symptoms or anxiety symptoms and see a professional to help you.

A great way to get through a panic attack is to imagine that you are a bird. Spend time on the details of your imagination and imagine yourself flying in the clear blue sky, imagine flying through a beautiful and peaceful meadow and your attack will fade away.

Apply these tips the next time a panic attack creeps up on you, and you will be a lot calmer.