Food addiction help

If you are reading this, you or a loved is struggling with food addiction. First of all, Congratulations! That may sound strange, but trying to find out how to get help for food addiction or how to help a food addict is the first step you take towards beating the problem and returning to a normal positive life.

You probably already know that food addiction is a brain disease that anyone can get, and is becoming much more common worldwide with the advent of junk food being marketed and available everywhere. Drinking sugary sodas from a young age has also vastly increased the need for sugar addiction therapy. Food stimulates the same areas of the brain as nicotine and alcohol. You know the harm it is doing to you and your loved ones’ lives. You also already know that unlike other addictions, where the cure is total abstinence, the cure is moderation, which actually makes it harder to beat. Because it is a difficult issue to tackle, that has both physical and mental components, often the usual advice of ‘diet and exercise’ simply does not work because it does not address the mental side of things. When diet and exercise doesn’t work, that has a negative impact on you mentally, which simply exacerbates the problem. This is amplified by media saturation of perfect bodies and “fool-proof” diet systems. Before long it is hard to avoid getting into a negative feedback loop which results in steady weight gain interspersed with periods of rapid loss. If you are trapped in this cycle, you may find therapy for food addiction helpful. Counseling for food addiction can help you break the negative cycle and finally beat the problem. The advantage with food addiction help online is that it is so much easier and more convenient to get.

Many people find it hard to get help for food addiction because their way of life makes it difficult\. They have difficulty getting food addiction therapy because of travel, mobility, scheduling or confidentiality reasons. Online counselling and therapy for food addiction solves these problems. You can no longer say “Even though I have a food addiction help is impossible to get”. Online, if you are addicted to food help is only a mouse click away. The other benefit using online counselling for food addiction is it is always available, so if you do go off track, which is almost inevitable, you can get help almost immediately, rather than waiting a week for your next appointment. The good news is that studies show that the faster you can get back on course the better off you will be. Online, you can get food abuse therapy via secure chat or web cam much faster and more conveniently than you can using traditional methods.

About our online food addiction therapy site

MyWholeHealth.com is an exclusively online psychotherapy therapy site that has been providing online video counseling, online chat therapy, and other counselling services online since 2014. During that time we have learnt what it takes to provide you with caring, cost-effective, convenient, confidential, and effective help with food addiction online by using the latest technology developments. Addiction therapy is something we have significant experience with, as well as counseling for food addiction partners and relatives. Our technology also allows people trapped in their homes to get professional help with food addiction for both the user and the partner either individually or together. This applies specially to couples whose jobs or other commitments makes it hard to know how to get help for food addiction. Using our secure, simple system you can confidentially connect with fully credentialed, experienced therapists. They have been specially trained to provide counselling for food addiction via chat therapy online and online video therapy. No matter where you are in the world, or whatever your schedule, at last you can now confidently get quality professional food addiction therapy online.

We are the only online food addiction therapy site that lets you to begin with an online psychologist chatting with you about your problem. At any time, you can switch on the online video therapy, or simply continue with chat therapy online, using either dedicated blocks of the counselor’s time, or just short messages spread out over the weeks. We have spent years developing the software for you to be able to get food addiction help online without needing to download or install any software, or use a system that could compromise your confidentiality such as Skype.

About Food addiction help online via Chat Therapy

Many people wonder if online chat therapy for food addiction is effective. Globally, it is becoming more and more mainstream, especially amongst younger people, because of its convenience and anonymity. The answer is chat has been proven to help food addiction. It is how to help food addiction via chat that is different. The therapist must receive special training, because it is not the same thing as simply delivering traditional therapy online. There are special techniques that must be learned. The other issue it that sometimes it is more time consuming to express what you really feel than in actual conversation. MyWholeHealth.com makes it super easy to switch to face to face or voice only communication with your provider at any time you feel it is best for you. Using our online therapy website allows you to take advantage of the convenience of online chat therapy with confidence.